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Welcome to Heli-Eye the aerial photography specialists


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An affordable and innovative way to carry out your aerial photography concepts:

"Using our Vulcan Mantis 1080 RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft), supported with the top of the range Sony  Nex 7 camera  you are certain to receive the highest quality images/HD Filming previously unobtainable using traditional aerial photography"


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Progress Monitoring - seen through the eyes of Heli-Eye

Inspection and Monitoring

Heli-Eye is able to reduce the need for a person to work at heights for inspection and monitoring purposes

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At Heli-Eye Ltd, public safety is our number one priority. Risk assessments will be carried out at the location prior to work commencing


 Flying altitude


With our Vulcan Mantis 1080 we operate at  maximum altitude of 400ft, although the majority of our work can be carried out much lower than this.


Weather Conditions


As you can appreciate the British weather is very unpredictable and operating our equipment in extremely bad weather conditions can have an adverse effect on public safety along with causing reduced visibility resulting in poor image quality.  It is there fore to the discretion of our team to determine whether flying would commence at that particular time





July 2013

Website launched


Demo flights available


August 2013


Lee Williams passed the BNUC-S Qualification


September 2013


Heli-Eye Ltd are now CAA Licenced 


We have been contracted to take monthly aerial progress monitoring pictures of the multi pound construction development taking place at Cardiff Pointe for more information on progress please click here


February 2014


Inspection and Monitoring works with the heli starts at Caerphilly Castle and Blaenafon Iron Works - contract issued by Cadw

April 2014

Check out the progress at Cardiff Pointe to date captured by Heli-Eye


About us

We are a small team based in South Wales that specialise in aerial photography. We use state of the art RPA (remote piloted aircraft) equipment  which is an economical and low cost option to capture perfect aerial images. With our Sony Nex-7 camera boasting a huge, 24.3MP APS-C sensor— resulting in ultra-high resolution and incredibly detailed photos that make for gorgeous enlargements, why go anywhere else? 


Our system is also perfect for inspection and monitoring tasks.  We are able to survey difficult to access areas for further assessment of work required.


Using this system you will immediately reduce the need for a person to work at height ticking the number one box for Health and Safety law (ie avoid working at height)


With each session there will be a number of images presented on cd/dvd, with an option for a framed or unframed image for an additional cost.

We are able to provide aerial photography/video to a vast array of clientele including


Industrial and commercial property


Real Estate


Progress monitoring


Construction Sites




Sport/leisure activities




Solar Panel Inspections



Emergency Services


this list is not exhaustive, get in touch to discuss your individual requirements

Our first demo video